Forecasting Model

Automate the future in real-time

Digna Forecasting Model

What next?

Based on the calculated metrics, Digna learns the normal behavior of all metrics and constantly monitors every move. Using its easy-to-use machine learning technology, Digna predicts future values for all specified metrics.

Digna Forecasting Model

Data Pattern Detection

As Digna is powered by Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Digna detects patterns that we are not even aware of.

Let's take a look at two examples:

Is the volume of your data increasing?

Digna catches on to the increasing trend and accordingly predicts the future values.

Digna Forecasting Model
Digna Forecasting Model

Do you get different data on Saturday and Sunday?

Digna continuously tracks weekly and monthly trends so you can identify incidents before they impact your business.

Irregular deliveries

Do you have irregular deliveries?

Digna still quickly recognizes, identifies, and establishes patterns for your data. Digna leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep track of the unique behavior of every metric, on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis - in real-time and just the way you prefer.

🔍 Hint!

Run Digna on your laptop seamlessly. It's super easy to train Digna's lightweight Forecasting Model for the entire Data Warehouse even on your laptop.