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Digna Autometrics

Imagine having data in a table of 100,000 rows with all customers of the bank.

Numerical Data

Imagine that the column “Account balance,” shows how much money your customers have in their bank accounts.

How can Digna analyze this column?

Calculate average

Calculate minimum value

Calculate maximun value

Calculate occurences of positive values

Calculate occurences of negative values


Digna Autometrics

Have you already discovered that your numerical data was cut or suddenly became negative due to a bug at your Data Provider?

Digna Autometrics

Digna tracks metrics over time and alerts you in case a deviation is detected.

Categorical Data

Column “Type of Customer” with two possible values: Retail and Business, allows you to do a simple customer segmentation.

Out of 100,000 rows delivered, around 20,000 of them, are business customers, the rest are your retail customers.

Digna Autometrics

Would it not be suspicious, if one day, you suddenly have 1000 more records for business customers?

Digna Autometrics

Because Digna tracks the occurrences over time, it detects instant deviations from the normal, so you can act on them quickly.

Unspecified Data

For example, not every piece of data can be categorized (try with the last name) and it does not make sense to calculate and interpret the average value of a column containing account numbers.

Have you ever been surprised by a completely or partially empty column?

Digna calculates the number of missing and unique values out of the box and tracks them over time.

Digna Autometrics

Check how Digna classified your data

Digna Autometrics

Based on the data distribution, Digna provides you with suggestions. However, the final decision is yours to make.

🔍 Hint! You can switch off metric calculations

What if you don't want to calculate a particular metric or group of metrics? No worries, you can switch it off for any specific column, table, or the entire project or dashboard. You are in control! Digna allows you to calculate only the metrics and columns you want and set up customizable profiling within minutes.